Terry W. Goodwin '67 Financial Technology Center

Terry W. Goodwin '67 Financial Center Students experience the thrill of working in a financial trading room without ever leaving campus at the Terry W. Goodwin '67 Financial Technology Center. It's a technologically sophisticated hands-on classroom for learning how financial markets tick and for keeping up with the Wall Street beat.

Software installed in the center's 50 computer workstations allow undergraduate and graduate students to access real-time financial data from markets all over the world. You can practice analytical finance methods, conduct trading simulations, develop financial models, analyze economic databases, and study stocks, bonds, currency and interest rates. Each workstation has a gigabit Ethernet connection, a T-1 Internet connection and two 19-inch LCD monitors.

The center enhances your finance education by giving you an advantage. You will graduate knowing how to use the most popular software in the industry.

Mike Barron '04, senior analyst for Rocaton Investment Advisors in Norwalk, Conn., knows the difference this can make. "The importance of the Goodwin Financial Technology Center cannot be overstated," he says. "The knowledge I gained from having classes there, learning topics and applying them in real time, was very helpful. The dedication and thoughtfulness of the faculty puts Quinnipiac at the top of business schools."

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