Financial Technology Center Resources

Information drives the critical decisions people make in the finance world, and nothing delivers more information than technology. In this 2,500-square-foot center, you'll have everything you need and more to master financial theories and create your own.

  • A main lab with 50 computer workstations each with a gigabit Ethernet connection, a T-1 Internet connection and two 19-inch LCD monitors to view more information simultaneously
  • Two breakout rooms with Bloomberg-equipped workstations, LCD display boards, and team study areas
  • Eight RISE LCD wallboards displaying currency and interest rates; bond and commodity prices; student-managed portfolio performance; and data from NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange
  • A scrolling ticker display delivering real-time market data, such as stock prices
  • Two televisions providing up-to-the-minute financial news
  • High-capacity servers supporting simulations, data warehousing, database development and file storage

From each workstation, students have access to sophisticated software and data feeds:

  • Bloomberg and First Call provide real-time financial information, including securities quotes, fundamentals, sector and index analysis and technical analysis.
  • Capital IQ for company-specific research and full depth of the market at a single glance.
  • CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices at the University of Chicago) data merged with S&P Compustat database (CCM) for common stocks, market indices, NASDAQ and S&P 500 composite indices, NASDAQ and American Stock Exchange industry indices, U.S. Treasury bonds and mutual funds, plus market capitalization reports, proxy graphs for Securities and Exchange Commission filings and custom datasets.
  • Morningstar Direct for stock, bond, and mutual fund investment peer and style analysis; performance attribution; fund flows; and ownership analyses.
  • DataStream Advance 4.0 for current and historical time series data on stocks, bonds, futures, interest rates, commodities, derivatives, exchange rates and economic data.
  • HFR (Hedge Fund Research) Database with access to performance data on a universe of over 6500 active and dead hedge funds.
  • Financial Trading System to allow professors to teach in a virtual trading room, so students learn finance theory by acting as market traders.
  • Option Simulator for studying option-pricing models.
  • Option Volatility for studying changes in underlying assets and options.
  • Research Insight North American and Global databases for financial modeling, multiple regression, industry analysis, stock screening, stock selection and back testing (testing a trading strategy on prior time periods)
  • CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Options ToolBox for exchange-traded equity options, index options and Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities (LEAPS)

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