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BA in Journalism

The Quinnipiac undergraduate program in journalism focuses on the principles and practices of news writing and reporting across multiple platforms.

The program's mission is to prepare journalism professionals who are superior writers and can effectively report on the diversity of the human experience.

The wide range of elective courses enables students to focus on a specific medium (such as television), or news subject (such as sports), or take courses across platforms based on their interests and career goals.

Students who graduate from the Department of Journalism will:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to research, report, write and edit news stories that conform to professional journalism standards, including the ability to apply basic numerical and statistical concepts.
  2. Demonstrate command of the techniques used to produce and present news in print, broadcast and digital environments, and understand the interconnectedness of these systems.
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with the history of journalism, its social responsibility and the underpinnings of its practice in a culturally and racially diverse society.
  4. Understand the implications of the First Amendment and the role journalism plays in a democracy.
  5. Engage in the ethical practice of journalism.

Curriculum + Requirements

The required curriculum includes a wide range of elective courses, is designed to familiarize students with the entire news media spectrum. Students are also required to complete a minor outside of the School of Communications.

Journalism Core Requirements (46 credits minimum)

Title Course Credits
Required School of Communications core courses (12 credits)
JRN 160* Introduction to Media Writing 3
MSS 101* Media Industries and Trends 3
MSS 220* Media History 3
MSS 340 Communications Law and Policy 3
*must be completed by the end of sophomore year
Required Journalism Courses (22 credits)
JRN 106 Multimedia Production Techniques 3
JRN 260 News Writing & Reporting 3
JRN 263 Broadcast News Writing 3
JRN 380 Fundamentals of Online Reporting 3
JRN 450 Senior Seminar 3
JRN 498 Journalism Capstone 4
COM 490 Internship 3
Electives (select four, with at least two from the "writing intensive" list - 12 credits)
Writing Intensive Electives
JRN 291 Reporting for Television I 3
JRN 300 Special Topics in Journalism 3
JRN 311 Reporting for Television II 3
JRN 360 Watchdog Reporting 3
JRN 361 Sports Reporting 3
JRN 365 Effective Editing 3
JRN 470 Narrative Journalism 3
JRN 495 Advanced Reporting 3
JRN 496 Producing & Presenting the News 3
Other courses with chair's approval
Other Electives
JRN 315 The Art of Journalistic Interviewing 3
JRN 362 The Story of Football 3
JRN 372 Entrepreneurial Media 3
JRN 395 Broadcast Performance 3
COM 315 Social Media: Leveraging the Digital Age 3
FTM 372 Scriptwriting 3
FTM 380 Projects in Audio Production 3
MSS 231 Media & Society 3
MSS/WS 311 Diversity in the Media 3
MSS 345 Media Users & Audiences 3
MSS 420 Sports, Media and Society 3
STC 201 Public Relations Writing 3
Other courses with chair's approval

Minor Requirement
To ensure that Quinnipiac journalism majors acquire subject knowledge outside their primary field of study, which will complement their career and/or personal interests, all majors are required to take a minor (typically 18 credits) outside the School of Communications.

Minor in Journalism

Students who wish to minor in journalism must complete 18 credits.

Required courses are:

  • JRN 106, Multimedia Production Techniques
  • JRN 160, Introduction to Media Writing
  • JRN 260, News Writing & Reporting, or JRN 263, Broadcast News Writing
  • three electives at the 290 level or above, chosen in consultation with the department chair

Student Spotlight

Jon Alba has wanted to be in television for as long as he can remember. He was intrigued by what Quinnipiac had to offer.


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Alumni Spotlight

An internship with Fox led to a job for Carley Shimkus '09. She's now the associate producer for the popular syndicated radio show "Imus in the Morning."