Phillip Simon has been creating productions using interactive media and the internet for almost 20 years. He specializes in user-interface design and information architecture for Web sites including the use of film, video, and animation. Simon is also an expert in online learning systems. Simon teaches courses that include topics on user interface design, information architecture, internet usability and visual aesthetics. He has spoken at national conferences on health science communications and Web based learning. Prior to joining Quinnipiac in 2009, Simon spent 22 years at Yale University working as a video producer, managing editor of the Center for Advanced Instructional Media, director of the Department of Biomedical Communications, and director of Operations for web design and development at the Yale School of Medicine. He has also worked as a freelance web developer, photographer, video producer, and computer graphics designer. Simon received his bachelor’s degree in printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philiadelphia, PA, and completed a master’s degree in liberal studies at Wesleyan University in 2000.