What Alumni + Administrators Say

We have awarded master of arts degrees in teaching to people who have made a profound impact on education.

Our graduates work in school districts and institutions across the country as teachers at all grade levels, heads of education departments and school administrators. Our graduates build strong, lasting friendships with their professors, fellow alumni and the students they teach.

The success of our graduates and the admiration they have earned from their professional peers have given Quinnipiac a reputation of academic excellence. The ultimate judges of our program are the people who have experienced it and the school administrators who hire our graduates.

What Administrators Say:

Hamlet Hernandez, assistant superintendent of administration and personnel for Hamden, Conn., schools, says, "Quinnipiac graduates come very well prepared. They are exceedingly professional and incredibly committed to the students they serve."

Robert Wolfe, superintendent of schools in North Branford, Conn., says, "Quinnipiac graduates we have hired to be teachers understand best practices, such as the inclusive classroom, differentiation, integrating technology and writing across the curriculum. Quinnipiac graduates are well trained in these areas. Quinnipiac's education program is exemplary in turning out high-quality candidates."

Sheila Wycinowski, director of curriculum and staff development at Amity High School in Woodbridge, Conn., says, "Basically, we look to hire Quinnipiac students. They have a clear understanding of lesson planning and classroom management and the balance between them."

Vincent Iezzi, principal of Hamden High School, says, "I have found Quinnipiac graduates to be well prepared for the challenging profession of education. The alumni we have hired are well versed in pedagogy and course content."

Patricia Crowley, principal of Parker Farms School in Wallingford, Conn., says, "We love the interns from Quinnipiac. They are well-prepared, enthusiastic and knowledgeable young adults, who contribute in countless ways to our school community. Students and staff look forward to the wealth of current, best practices Quinnipiac interns bring to their interactions with us."

What Our Alumni Say:

James Sachs '97, dean of students at Catherine M. McGee Middle School in Berlin, Conn., says, "Quinnipiac's training forced me to ask questions and not be satisfied with status quo answers. I was taught to think hard about changing the system for the better, rather than just being in it. That's why I decided to be proactive and pursue a career in school administration. My training begged me to ask not what I can do for my classroom, but what can I do for my entire school."

Michael Galatioto '04, MAT '05, history and psychology teacher at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Conn., says, "After working with other education students from various schools, there is no doubt in my mind Quinnipiac has the strongest, most supportive, most organized program in Connecticut. Not only was I prepared for my classroom field experience, but I was confident going in. I was comforted by the support system I knew I had when I needed it. The faculty treated me like family. I hope one day I can impact students as positively as Quinnipiac's faculty influenced me. Some of my happiest memories at Quinnipiac come from my time in the master of arts in teaching program."

Megan Joyce '09, MAT '10, a first-year, third grade teacher at Hill Central Music Academy in New Haven, Conn., says, "While getting a full-time position right after graduation was exciting, it also made me nervous about not being able to perform as expected. After a month of working in the district, I can confidently say that I believe I am as prepared as I could be thanks to Quinnipiac's School of Education. Each day I am reminded of the extraordinary training and preparation the program gave me. It not only prepared me to be an effective teacher but empowered me to know that I have the knowledge and ability to succeed and make my students successful."

Jennifer Griffin '11, MAT '12 says, "I am going to be a fourth grade teacher at the Lincoln School in Dumont, N.J. I know that it is my fantastic education from Quinnipiac University that got me here. I am so confident in my education and teacher preparation program that I am fully prepared to enter into the working world of education with my own classroom."

Jenna Stafford '09, MAT '10 says, " I am currently a second grade teacher in Clark, N.J., and I truly love it. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from so many great people at Quinnipiac."

Jessica Baker MAT '11 says, "I will be teaching AP Psychology and also World Civilizations at Simsbury High School. I am so glad that I chose this program for my masters in teaching. This program did an excellent job of preparing me for my career in teaching and I honestly believe that if I chose a different program, I would not have been nearly as prepared! The faculty and staff are so wonderful and supportive!"

Gina D'Ammassa '10, MAT '11 says, "The solid education I received has provided me with a strong background in Spanish education and has also instilled in me the qualities of hard work, determination, and commitment."

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