What kind of lawyer will you become?

Excellent law schools share many common traits: faculty members renowned for their scholarship and commitment to teaching; academically rigorous courses; loyal, successful alumni; and motivated, focused students. We consider all of these to be essential components of the Quinnipiac University School of Law, but they do not complete the picture.

What sets Quinnipiac apart is the way we help you develop the skills, acquire the knowledge and discover the personal strengths that will determine the kind of lawyer you will be. Skilled. Ethical. Successful.

We invite you to our beautiful, congenial setting of learning and growth, to experience for yourself our personal, student-centered approach that will both challenge and support you as you prepare for your career in law.

We are excited for you to experience the Quinnipiac Law Center, our stunning, state-of-the-art facility that opened in August 2014. The facility was planned to reflect the very latest thinking in legal study, and it succeeds - with architecture that is bold yet graceful, seamless integration of the latest technology, and thoughtfully designed spaces that encourage all aspects of law school life.

Situated on the University's North Haven Campus, with views of surrounding lakes and woodlands, the Law Center is inspiring both inside and out. The location is more than just beautiful, though. The Law Center is strategically located amidst the university's growing community of graduate programs, including the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine and programs in health sciences, nursing, education, and social work. With the opening of the medical school, Quinnipiac joined a select number of universities in the country with both law and medical schools, and the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration between Quinnipiac Law students and professional peers in medicine and other disciplines is exciting.

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