law classroom

Knowing how to “think like a lawyer” is a prerequisite for any legal path you choose. Even if you never enter a courtroom as an advocate, you need to be able to counsel clients, draft legislation or advise business colleagues.

Your educational journey at the Quinnipiac University School of Law is designed with this in mind. From your very first day until you graduate, your courses will build your essential lawyering skills by:

  • Introducing you to the fundamental doctrine and institutions of the law
  • Strengthening your legal foundation
  • Ensuring you have a broad base of legal knowledge
  • Challenging you to develop your ability to read closely, analyze legal issues, think critically, write clearly and argue persuasively

Beyond your coursework, you can choose from 15 clinic and externship programs that will help you to apply your coursework to real legal problems faced by real clients; detailed seminars designed to facilitate in-depth, small-group discussion; and seven concentrations that will enable you to focus on a specific area of interest. You can also earn academic credit by contributing to our law journal publications.

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