Professor and students in the clinic

The Quinnipiac University School of Law's extensive menu of 22 clinic and externship programs will immerse you in the real-world experience of lawyering.

Through these programs, you will have a chance to apply the lessons learned in the classroom to actual legal problems facing real clients. In doing so, you'll begin to understand how legal theory operates in practice. You'll also begin the networking process so critical to your professional development. And, you'll earn between two and eight credits.

You'll need to complete at least two semesters of full-time law study before you're considered for one of these programs.

Clinic students are based in the law school's on-campus clinic offices, working exclusively under the direct supervision of clinic faculty members.

Externship students are based in courthouses and law offices in the larger legal community, in corporations, nonprofit agencies, state and executive offices and the Legislature. Our student externs serve throughout Connecticut and in neighboring states, working under the supervision of faculty members, lawyers, judges and mediators. With special permission and arrangements, students can immerse themselves in a "semester in practice" in a remote location for a full semester's worth of credit. An externship is not an internship. Learn more about how externships work.

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