Prosecution Appellate Clinic

Like your Defense Appellate counterparts, you will read and analyze trial transcripts, prepare statements of fact, conduct legal research, draft briefs and prepare and present oral arguments in this legal clinic, one of six legal clinics at the Quinnipiac University School of Law.

You'll be taught by an experienced appellate lawyer who is usually a member of the Appellate Bureau of the Chief State's Attorney's Office. Working under the supervision of faculty members, your work might include:
  • working on pending criminal appeals
  • preparing memoranda summarizing research
  • drafting an argument section of a brief
  • reading and outlining a trial transcript
  • preparing a statement of facts and list of potential issues for appeal from that transcript
  • attending oral argument in the Appellate and Supreme Courts, meeting at the close of the proceedings to discuss observations with Appellate Bureau lawyers who argued on appeal
  • reading a defendant's brief and researching the legal issues presented by the appeal
  • reading and outlining the trial transcript
  • researching and writing a responsive brief on behalf of the state
  • arguing the case in Hartford

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