Tax Clinic

The oldest continuously operating tax clinic in the country, the Tax Clinic, one of six legal clinics at the Quinnipiac University School of Law, represents low-income taxpayers in controversies in which the taxpayers otherwise would be unrepresented because they have no right to court-appointed attorneys and cannot afford to hire private counsel.

Working under the supervision of faculty members, you'll represent clients in all stages of the Internal Revenue Service's administrative process, including:
  • audit
  • appeals
  • collections
  • seeking offers in compromise
  • installment agreements
  • uncollectible status for taxpayers unable to pay part or all of their tax liabilities
You might conduct outreach-particularly targeting non-English speaking communities-and assist non-filers in achieving compliance with the tax laws. You could also help represent clients in federal courts in actions to obtain refunds of overpayments of tax or to protest the IRS's erroneous assertion of tax liabilities.

Recent cases have involved:
  • injured and innocent spouse claims
  • entitlement to earned income and other credits
  • improper characterization of employment status
  • identity theft
  • substantiation of deductions, such as charitable contributions and business expense deductions

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