This program is designed for those students who are able to devote substantially all of their time to the study of law. This program requires three academic years of residence (see Academic Regulations, Section I.G., Residency Requirement, below). Classes generally are taken during the day, but students may choose to enroll in evening elective courses during their second and third years, if space is available.

The first year curriculum is entirely prescribed; the second year curriculum consists of core electives and general electives. Students must take at least four of the core electives as described below (see Academic Regulations, Section I.B. and C., Requirements for Graduation). In addition, a student must take the course in Lawyers' Professional Responsibility and satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement at some point prior to graduation.

First Year Required Courses:
First Semester Second Semester
Legal Skills 2 Legal Skills 2
Criminal Law 3 Property 4
Torts 4 Constitutional Law 4
Civil Procedure I 3 Civil Procedure II 2
Contracts I 3 Contracts II 3
Total 15 Total 15

Second Year Recommended Courses:

First Semester Second Semester
Core Electives 3-11 Core Electives 3-10
General Electives 2-12 General Electives 2-12
Total 13-15 Total 13-15

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