Fall Recruiting for 2Ls, 3Ls and 4Ls

Fall recruiting occurs during the months of August through November and is the period during which many employers recruit students through on-campus interviewing (OCI), collecting resumes and Career Fairs. The primary focus is on second-year (2L) law students for summer positions, which can lead to permanent post-graduate offers.

For OCI opportunities, employers interview on campus. These employers typically can project their hiring needs with some degree of certainty. They are large- to medium-sized law firms with a well-defined growth pattern, which enables them to extend offers eight to 12 months in advance. However, some small- to medium-sized firms recruit on campus as well. These employers often look for students with geographic ties to their area or with an interest in a particular legal specialty.

Most on-campus employers are not only seeking to replace attorneys lost by attrition, but are also anticipating an overall growth of their practice. This usually means they are located in a developing geographical region or have a stable client base with a need for complex legal work.

The employers that participate in the Fall Recruitment Program generally consist of large- and medium-sized law firms as well as public interest and government organizations that conduct recruiting annually each fall.

For more detailed information, go to QULaw Career Connections [login required] and find the Fall Recruitment Guide in the Document Library.

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