The Center for Dispute Resolution hosts conferences on a variety of topics related to dispute resolution.

On March 27, 2015, the Connecticut Bar Foundation and Quinnipiac University School of Law joined together to host the Ninth John A. Speziale Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium, named after former Connecticut Supreme Court Justice John A. Speziale. The symposium, titled "What are the Cures for Conflict in Health Care?," was designed to start a conversation about some of the most significant conflicts and challenges facing healthcare professionals. Panelists included an array of professionals in the fields of dispute resolution, health care management, and medical practice.

The day commenced with a keynote address by Robert A. Burt, the Alexander M. Bickel Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale University, and a distinguished scholar in the field of biomedical ethics.

View the event program to read summaries of and reflections about the proceedings by members of the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal.

Please contact Center on Dispute Resolution Co-Director Charlie Pillsbury with any questions about the symposium at

Past Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposia

2015 - Ninth Symposium: "What are the Curses for Conflict in Health Care?"
Keynote Speaker: Robert A. Burt, the Alexander M. Bickel, Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale University

2012 - Eighth Symposium: "ADR in Hard Times: Can Alternative Dispute Resolution Maintain Access to Justice When Resources Are Limited?"
Keynote Speaker: Professor Ethan Katsh, University of Massachusetts

2010 - Seventh Symposium:
 "Achieving the Goals of Criminal Justice: A Role for Mediation?"
Keynote Speaker: Professor Janine P. Geske, Marquette University Law School

2008 - Sixth Symposium:
"Where Have We Come? What Lies Ahead?"
Keynote Speaker: Kenneth R. Feinberg, The Feinberg Group LLP

2005 - Fifth Symposium:
 "ADR's Next Frontier: Ethics, Regulation and Standards of Practice"
Keynote Speaker: Thomas J. Stipanowich, CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution

2002 - Fourth Symposium:
 "Proposed Revised Uniform Arbitration Act and Uniform Mediation Act"
Keynote Speaker: Dean Nancy H. Rogers, Ohio State University College of Law

2001 - Third Symposium:
 "Community Mediation: Empowerment or Second Class Justice?"
Keynote Speaker: Andrew Thomas, Executive Director, Center for Dispute Settlement

1999 - Second Symposium:
 "Court-Annexed ADR"
Keynote Speaker: Honorable Wayne D. Brazil, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California

1998 - First Symposium:
 "Alternative Dispute Resolution as Justice: Has ADR Kept its Promise?"
Keynote Speaker: Professor Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Georgetown University Law Center

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