We recognize that many of you rely on a variety of resources, such as loans, to assist with paying for your law education. As you consider the available loan options, keep in mind that some loans are more costly than others. We recommend that you consider federal loans first as they offer a fixed interest rate and generally have the best terms and conditions.

Please click on the links below for additional loan information and application procedures:

Incoming Law Students/First Time Borrowers:
The following information is for incoming law students who are borrowing funds through an educational loan program or a returning student who did not previously borrow.

Returning Law Students/Repeat Borrowers:
The following information is for returning law students who have previously borrowed and completed the process for a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and wish to apply/re-apply for a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan or private educational loan.

Graduating Students/Loan Repayment:
Students who have borrowed via the federal loan programs and are graduating, dropping below half-time enrollment, or withdrawing from law school are required to complete loan exit counseling.

Below are some additional loan repayment resources.

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