LAWS 621 - Comparative Traditions and Trends in the
(2 cr.) This course will examine some of the core values, principles, and organization of the legal profession and the practice of law in the US, Ireland, and several other jurisdictions. There will be at least one example from each of the six populated continents. The course will cover the traditions of the several legal systems, and will focus on key concepts such as professionalism norms, confidentiality, duty of loyalty, the nature of the lawyer/client relationship, lawyer regulation, and access to justice. Cultural differences that impact some of these concepts will be explored, such as authoritarian vs. egalitarianism and individualistic vs. communitarian worldviews. The course will also examine the origins and global progress of several new and emerging ?movements? affecting the legal profession, such as Mediation and other dispute resolution methods, Collaborative Law and other innovations in Negotiation, Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Restorative Justice, and Comprehensive or Integrative Law.

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