LAWS 253 - Animal Law
(2 cr.) Animal Law This course will canvass much of the existing legal regulation of animals, such as, at the federal level, the Endangered Species Act, EPA's CAFO regulations of feed lots, the Humane Slaughter Act, the Animal Welfare Act, regulation of food by the FDA and USDA, and regulatory conflicts with constitutional rights, such as first amendment restrictions on the regulation of depictions of animal cruelty and on regulation of ritual or religious practices of animal slaughter. At the state level, the course will discuss cruelty statutes, pet trusts, laws regulating veterinary medicine, hunting regulations, property rights in animals, tort damages for loss of animals, food libel laws, and local regulation of farm animals and food production. It will also touch on the pervasive influence in this area of private regulation through industry or university-based standards as well as the influence of international markets and international standards. (2 or 3 credits)

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