Volume 11, 1991, Issue 2

Symposium on Forfeiture Under State and Federal Statutes: Forfeiture of Attorney's Fees and the Question of the Interrelationship of Federal and State Law

Symposium Transcript
Dean Terence Benbow, Elizabeth Phillips Marsh, Holly Fitzsimmons, Stanley A. Twardy, William F. Dow, III, Robert M. Axelrod, John J. Kelly and Christopher Malany


Recent Developments in the Connecticut Drug Asset Forfeiture Law
Glenn M. Kaas

Punishment or Compensation? New Constitutional Restrictions on Civil Forfeiture
David P. Atkins and Adele V. Patterson

New York Forfeiture: A Sleeping Giant
Martin C. Aronchick


Federal Civil Forfeiture of Assets: How It Works and Why It Must
Kelly McClure

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