Volume 18, 1999, Issue 3

Symposium: The Juvenile Justice Counter-Reformation: Children and Adolescents as Adult Criminals

Gregory A. Loken and David Rosettenstein

Section I: Social Science

Dealing with Juveniles' Competence to Stand Trial: What We Need to Know
Thomas Grisso

Punishment or Treatment for Adolescent Offenders: Therapeutic Integrity and the Paradoxical Effects of Punishment
Jeffrey Fagan

Justice for Juveniles: New Perspectives on Adolescents' Competence and Culpability
Elizabeth Cauffman, Jennifer Woolard and N. Dickon Reppucci

The Age of Autonomy: Legal Reconceptualizations of Childhood
Janet L. Dolgin

Section II: International Perspectives on Adolescents' Competence and Culpability

A Curious Case of Isolationism: America and International Child Criminal Justice
Geraldine Van Bueren

The Juvenile Justice Law Reform Process in South Africa: Can a Children's Rights Approach Carry the Day?
Julia Sloth-Nielsen

New Trends in the Juvenile Justice System
Paul Vlaardingerbroek

Juvenile Confinement in the Netherlands and the Legal Position of Adolescents in Juvenile Offender Institutions
Adriaan P. van der Linden

The Australian Juvenile Justice System: Legal and Social Science Dimensions
Kenneth S. Levy

Section III: Developments in the United States

Juveniles in Criminal Court: Past and Current Research from Florida
Charles E. Frazier, Donna M. Bishop, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce and Amir Marvasti

Once We Know Who, What, and Where, Will We Ask Why?: Demographics and Dispositions of Children Processed in the Adult Criminal Justice System in Georgia
Jan A. Wheeler, Karen L. Worthington, Trish McCann and Debbie Phillips

The Significance of Place in Bringing Juveniles into Criminal Court
Simon I. Singer

The Rhetoric of Juvenile Justice Reform
Craig Hemmens, Eric J. Fritsch and Tory J. Caeti

Film at Eleven: The News Media and Juvenile Crime
Robert E. Shepherd, Jr.

Kids, Courts, and Cameras: New Challenges for Juvenile Defenders
Laura Cohen


In re Tyvonne M. Revisited: The Criminal Infancy Defense in Connecticut
D. Keith Foren

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