Volume 21, 2003, Issue 4

Foreword: Teachers of Evidence and their Jeweled Mosaic
Elizabeth Phillips Marsh


Clinical and Theoretical Approaches to the Teaching of Evidence and Trial Advocacy
Richard A. Posner

Posner on Teaching Evidence
Roger C. Park

A Resident of Evidenceland Defends His Turf
Richard D. Friedman

Rules of Evidence in the Yugoslav War Tribunal
Patricia M. Wald

Hearsay and the Right of Confrontation in the European Court of Human Rights
Roger W. Kirst

Evidence Law as Pragmatic Legal Rhetoric: Reconnecting Legal Scholarship, Teaching and Ethics
Eileen A. Scallen

Modern Trends in Evidence Scholarship: Is All Rosy in the Garden?
John D. Jackson

Using the Evidence Course as a Vehicle for Teaching Legisprudential Skills
Edward J. Imwinkelried

Leveling the Playing Field: Federal Rules of Evidence 412 & 415: Evidence Class as a Platform for Larger (More Important) Lessons
Jane H. Aiken

Teaching "Bloody Instructions": Civil Presumptions and the Lessons of Isomorphism
Ronald J. Allen & Craig R. Callen

Teaching Ethics in Evidence
Peter A. Joy & Kevin C. McMunigal

Teaching Evidence the "Reel" Way
Paul Bergman

Nuts and Bolts for the New and Occasional Evidence Teacher
Calvin William Sharpe

Hot Topics in Confrontation Clause Cases and Creating a More Workable Confrontation Clause Framework Without Starting Over
Myrna S. Raeder

Confrontation as a Hot Topic: The Virtues of Going Back to Square One
Richard D. Friedman

Admissibility as Cause and Effect: Considering Affirmative Rights Under the Confrontation Clause

John G. Douglass

The Nonscience of Fingerprinting: United States v. Llera-Plaza

D.H. Kaye

Unpacking the Power of an Ante-litigation Limitation on Consultation-for-Advice/Treatment Evidentiary Privileges
Norman Abrams

The Parent-Child Privilege in Context
Catherine J. Ross

The Poetics of Evidence: Some Applications from Law & Literature

Lenora Ledwon

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