Volume 24, 2006, Issue 4


True Lies: The Constitutional and Evidentiary Bases for Admitting Prior False Accusation Evidence in Sexual Assault Prosecutions
Jules Epstein

Drugs, Dogs, and the Fourth Amendment: An Analysis of Justice Stevens' Opinion in Illinois v. Caballes
James B. Johnston

Navigating the Murky Waters of Connecticut's Water Allocation Scheme
Kirt Mayland

Judicial Restraint: Resolving the Constitutional Tension Between First Amendment Protection of Political Speech and the Compelling Interest in Preserving Judicial Integrity During Judicial Elections
Ferris K. Nesheiwat

Second Circuit Survey

Origin, Scope, and Irrevocability of the Manifest Disregard of the Law Doctrine: Second Circuit Views
Joshua Ratner and Christian Turner

Book Review

Not Quite Straightforward: Heterosexual Enlistment in the Crusade for Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgendered Rights
Leonard J. Long


"An Attorney is an Attorney is an Attorney," except when that Attorney is also a Guardian Ad Litem: An Analysis of the Connecticut Appellate Court's Decision in Carrubba v. Moskowitz Regarding Immunity
Nicole A. Demers

Jacobs v. United States Track & Field: Inequitable Procedures Win Gold in Olympic Arbitration
Leslie Ann Dougiello

Dancing Around the Issues of Choreography & Copyright: Protecting Choreographers after Martha Graham School and Dance Foundation, Inc. v. Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Inc.
Bethany M. Forcucci

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