Christian Legal Society

The national mission of Christian Legal Society is "to inspire, encourage and equip lawyers and law students, both individually and in community, to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study and practice of law, the defense of religious freedom and the provision of legal assistance to the poor."

The mission of QUSL's Christian Legal Society is—being mindful of those national principles—to provide a positive and non-judgmental Christian community for those devoted, returning or searching souls who wish to ask questions, participate in prayer and discussion or simply belong. To this end, the Christian Legal Society will conduct regular meetings in public places for prayer, Bible study and discussion of Christian living with a Gospel-centered approach to the study of law.

It will also engage in regular service to the poor, and turn away no person from the activities it undertakes. Its members, particularly its officers, will strive to carry the principles of faith into their daily life and interactions with others, remembering especially to judge not and to love their neighbors.

2015-2016 Executive Board
President: DeAnne Greene
Vice-President/Secretary: Diana O'Rourke

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