Health Law Society

The Health Law Society (HLS) is an interdisciplinary organization of students, faculty and alumni dedicated to exploring the career opportunities and current issues in health law. The mission of the HLS is to provide a forum for interaction and information exchange among law students interested in the many different facets of a rich and complex field of law full of varied niche opportunities for aspiring subject matter specialists.  HLS strives to explore the range of possibilities in health law from beyond the traditional practice area of medical malpractice to managed and long-term care, bioethics, corporate issues, and health care reform.

We also participate in health-related public service activities benefiting the community. HLS draws on the diverse resources available at Quinnipiac University - students, faculty, and alumni - to build a greater understanding of health law practice.

2015-2016 Executive Board
President: Marta Maietta
Vice President: Michael Tone
Secretary: Jennifer Lepore
Community Liaison: Jeffrey Bouchard

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