International Human Rights Law Society

This law student group was formed in the fall semester of 2007 and continues to be a strong presence on campus. The founding members, many of whom have traveled and lived abroad, coalesced around a shared interest in international human rights issues--from the genocide in Darfur to international human trafficking to global poverty and migration. A broad array of human rights based interests continue to thrive within the membership of this organization.

As a student organization, members of the society are committed to generating public awareness about human rights issues; building a community for future practitioners of human rights law by exploring resources and networking with non-profit and non-governmental organizations; and, engaging in public advocacy and direct action campaigns to make a tangible difference in the global community.

IHR hosts several events during the academic year ranging from film screenings and speaking engagements to fundraising and participation in a local Run for Refugees 5K. The Society has joined with the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement to develop the Nicaragua Law and Service Project, raising funds to travel to Nicaragua for the past seven years, where students host an international, interdisciplinary legal conference at a Nicaraguan law school. The members work with Nicaraguan human rights organizations to learn about different human rights topics each year. Additionally, the members attending the trip perform service work and learn about Nicaraguan culture. In the past, the group has done similar work in Guatemala.

Fellowship opportunities are also available to members of IHR. This past year members were named as global engagement fellows and Oxford fellows for the University. These fellows were sent to seminars on human rights and humanitarian intervention at the United Nations in New York, New York, and at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

2015-2016 Executive Board
Co-President (3L): Catherine Blair
Co-President (2L): Julie Altimier
Vice President: Alec Gulash
Events and Fundraising Liaison: Emily Kaas

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