Jewish Law Students Association

The Quinnipiac Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is an organization that brings students of the Jewish faith and non-Jewish faith together in the exploration of Jewish ideals and themes through law.

The JLSA also gives students a sense of community involvement and an avenue to satisfy a Jewish-related law focus throughout their education. More than educational, the association is an outlet for Jewish and non-Jewish students to meet and interact on campus, while remaining important in the way it serves as a vehicle for a Jewish focus pertaining to specific aspects of the law.

Goals of the organization include: providing a social outlet for all law students on Jewish topics - both relating to the law, current events, and history, to serve as a forum for discussion on topics not traditionally discussed in the normal discipline of school, and to serve an active role within the University community. The JLSA sponsors events of an educational, social, and service-related nature.

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