Research and scholarship are priorities at the School of Nursing.

Faculty and students at the School of Nursing are engaged in an array of research and other exciting interprofessional scholarship initiatives aimed at improving the teaching experience for students, providing the evidence-base for advancing the science of nursing, and improving health outcomes.

A team-based thematic approach to research/scholarship emphasizes four areas of expertise illuminating various types of life transitions:

  • Situational Transitions: Studying ways to improve student-centered learning. The focus includes pedogogy and outcomes fostering excellence in teaching and learning as the student nurse becomes a professional or the professional nurse pursues an advance practice degree.
  • Health-Illness Experience Transitions: Examining effective methods of assisting individuals with chronic illness such as asthma to improve self-management.
  • Developmental and Life-Span Transitions: Researching interventions to decrease social isolation among older adults such as pet therapy.
  • Organizational/Cultural Change Transitions: Testing programs that aim to improve outcomes of medically complex patients in underserved communities.

Our chair of faculty development facilitates faculty and student research endeavors and mentors scholarship activities through the expansion of research related support such as study design consultation, grant writing and writing for publication, data management, seminars, and workshops.

Quinnipiac's Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and the Office of Government Grants provide support for grant funding procurement for research endeavors. A biostatistician from the School of Medicine provides expertise for statistical data analysis. The nursing librarian assists faculty and students to secure the most current evidence available in the literature for faculty research/scholarship endeavors. 

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