Health + Safety Services

Health Services
Student Health Services, located on Bobcat Way across from Irmagarde Tator Hall and the Security and Safety Office, is dedicated to meeting the health needs of full-time graduate students and providing ongoing health education opportunities. A registered nurse is on duty 24 hours a day when students are in residence, excluding summers. A physician is available 30 hours a week. All students need to submit, on forms provided by Quinnipiac, a complete history of immunization and the results of a pre-entrance physical examination. All students are encouraged to maintain a health insurance policy (see Student Health Insurance section below).

Services available:

  • Acute and routine medical care
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Referral services to area health providers
  • Health profile maintenance
  • Allergy injections (by appointment only)
  • Gynecology services (by appointment only)

For more information and to schedule appointments please call 203-582-8742.

Student Health Insurance
Quinnipiac University has partnered with Gallagher Student to develop a student health insurance plan especially for students. The plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to keep the coverage as affordable as possible. Visit the Gallagher Student Web site.

To reach Student Health Services, please call 203-582-8742.

Student Health Forms
University policies and state law require that students complete the appropriate form below and return it to Student Health Services by mail, prior to the start of class.

Part-time students (Fewer than 9 credits per semester)
Part-time degree-seeking graduate students, that will be attending on-campus classes, must complete the Student Health Services Part Time Immunization Form.

Please download the Student Health Services Part Time Immunization Form (PDF) for your health care provider to complete and mail to Student Health Services. All immunizations on this page will be verified.

Full-time students (More than 9 credits per semester)
All full-time graduate students must complete the online Medical History and Immunization forms. Complete dates of all immunizations for which you have documentation must be provided. On this page you can also download the Student Health Services Full Time Health Form for your health care provider to complete and mail to Student Health Services. Students must sign page 2 of this form. All immunizations on these pages will be verified at Student Health Services.

The forms requires information about you and your family's history, as well as required items mandated by the State of Connecticut and the University. Vaccination against Hepatitis B is strongly recommended and may be required for certain clinical programs.

Counseling Services
Individual personal and educational counseling is available to assist graduate students in resolving issues and improve academic performance. Students may schedule appointments by calling 203-582-8680.

Department of Public Safety
Safety and parking provides coverage on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff responds to all emergencies and requests for assistance, and offers walking escort services on campus 24 hours a day. The main security office is located in Irmagarde Tator Residence Hall. Security can be reached at 203-582-6200. Students can also sign up for Quinnipiac's Mobile Wireless Alert System, which delivers alerts to cell phones and other handheld devices in the event of an emergency or weather-related cancellations.

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