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Other Services Available

Off-Campus Housing
The Department of Residential Life maintains a listing of off-campus rental accommodations including apartments and houses available on MyQ. The department also offers a very limited number of University-owned townhouses and off-campus properties to graduate students. These properties, located in Hamden, are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact residential life for more information 203-582-8666.

International Student Services
The Office of Multicultural and Global Education provides support to international students concerning academic issues, personal issues, employment regulations and other regulations of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Learn more

Graduate Student Council
The Quinnipiac Graduate Student Council is comprised of concerned students whose purpose is to serve as the united governing body for all graduate students at Quinnipiac. Specifically, the organization acts as the medium for expression for graduate student concerns and serves as the official voice of the graduate student population. The Graduate Student Council also has the authority to organize, sponsor and promote activities or events deemed to further the objectives of Quinnipiac's graduate student body. For more information, please email graduate student council.

Campus Shuttles
Our free student shuttle travels to New Haven and to nearby shopping centers featuring department stores, discount stores, grocery stores and a variety of specialty stores for music, books, electronics and more. The shuttle also transports students between all three University campuses and to major public transportation hubs including the New Haven train station. The shuttle schedule is posted on the University's internal portal MyQ (login and password required).

Religious Life
The Office of Religious Life provides Quinnipiac graduate students spiritual and pastoral counseling, worship, sacraments and celebratory activities. Learn more

The Learning Commons
The Learning Commons provides academic support services for anyone wants better grades. This office supports the students wrestling with challenging material, those who want to maintain their GPA or those who have disclosed a disability. Learn more.

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