Can I get the library's databases from home?

Yes. There are three ways to validate yourself as a Quinnipiac user.

A. Citrix
The first, and preferred method for most users is to go to Citrix. This server provides access to all web resources in addition to programs such as Photoshop and Acrobat.

PC Users
Please use Internet Explorer. Citrix will not work in FireFox.

  • Go to from anywhere.
  • Use the login and password that you would use for Quinnipiac email or Blackboard.
  • Once you are in, open the Library Applications folder.
  • Click on the ABL Library databases icon.
  • The first time you use this, you may be required to load a small program to make it work. Once you are in, all databases will be available.

Macintosh Users
If you are using a Mac, you must go through the following additional steps the first time you use Citrix:

  • Download a Citrix client for Mac OS X to download the appropriate client (Intel or PowerPC).
  • Once you install, please visit:
  • Click before logging in, click 'Advanced Options".
  • Make sure Native Client is selected under 'Remote Client Type'.

The second method is to go to WebVPN. You will see a message regarding a Security Certificate.

  • Go to
  • Validate yourself by typing in the login and password that you would use to access your Quinnipiac email.
  • Once you are validated, you will be taken to a screen containing the library's databases, and all of them will be accessible without further verification.

C. Setting up a dial up connection
The final way is suggested if your computer has a working dial-up modem and you live close enough to Quinnipiac that you can call the University without entering an area code.

Legacy information about remote dial-up access
Quinnipiac University provides dial-up access to the network for those users off campus who do not have access to broadband. QU Dial-up is a secure way to connect to the QU network, but dial-up does not allow you to connect to all aspects of the network.

A dial-up network must be installed on your machine. Contact the Computer Help Desk for more information. The remote dial-up access number is 203-927-4820. (Long distance charges may apply.)

Please note that dial-up access is prone to weather and phone line conditions. Should your initial connection fail, do not make numerous attempts in a short period of time, but wait about 10 minutes between attempts.

Further questions about this can be answered by the Computer Help Desk at 203-582-4357 or by submitting a Help Desk request form.

Where in the library can I preview VHS and DVD movies?

VHS players can be found in group study rooms 131, 132, 133 and 134 downstairs. Also in rooms 203, 205, 207, 213 and 214 upstairs. Other VHS viewers on on the study carrels to the North and South of the Cyber Cafe. DVD viewers can be found in rooms 203, 205, 213 and 214 upstairs.

Printing at the library

How do I print at the Arnold Bernhard Library?
When you hit file/print, a popup will appear asking for your name. This is the login name that you use to access email and Blackboard. Then go to the printer and slide your card in the reader - barcode at the bottom and facing you. You will highlight the print job and press print.

I forgot my QCard. Can I still print at the Bernhard Library?
All library services require you to have your ID card. The only way to print without it is to buy a guest card for $1 at the vending machine under the rotunda stairway, and use the number as a printing ID. NOTE: Guest cards only work on the first floor.

If I bring my laptop to the library, can I print using the library's printers?
Yes. Complete instructions are available at the Media Center across from the Reference Desk. STAR students working in the Media Center can help you set this up.

How can I get into my Blackboard account?

  • Go to: . You will see a "Welcome" banner with a picture of Quinnipiac University.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • Enter your Quinnipiac University email ID (e.g, "jsjones", NOT the full email address, with NO apostrophes or blanks but periods are OK) as your "USERNAME:" and your Email password (there is no longer a separate password for Blackboard) and click on the Login button.

If you are having a problem logging in, make certain that "Caps Lock" is not on. Passwords are case-sensitive but your "USERNAME" is not.
If you still have a problem logging in, call the Help Desk at 582-HELP.

If there are any lingering problems with Blackboard, contact Frank Villa (203-582-8926) or Richard Beck (203-582-8434) for assistance.

Which computers have Word, Excel and the other Microsoft programs?

All of the computers in the Cyber Cafe on the second floor have the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

I've got a citation to a journal article. How do I know if I can get that journal in this library?

On the Library Resources page there is graphical link to 'Journal Locator' and on the library home page within MyQ, the link under Journals, Newspapers & Magazines leads to all of the Journals held at Quinnipiac, whether they are in paper, microform or electronic form. Make sure that the date of your article matches the dates in the list. If so, the list will tell you which library location to look for. If the journal is in an online source, the program will provide a direct link.

What are the hours for the Bernhard Library?

For a complete list of library hours, including holidays, click here.

How do I know if the library owns a particular book?

All books that are owned by the Bernhard and Law Libraries are in QCAT. If you know the exact title of the book, you can make a Title search. If you know who wrote the book, you can make an Author search. If you want to know what books there are on a certain topic, you can make a Subject or Keyword search.

Can I use the library's Video Collection?

If you are a currently enrolled student, faculty or staff member you may check out two films (video or DVD) for 72 hours and take them out of the library. Public video players are located on study carrels and in meeting rooms on both floors. Faculty members may book films for classroom use or put them on reserve for students to view in the library. The library owns more than 3000 VHS titles and 1,000 DVDs. They are fully described in the Video and CD section of QCat. You may search them by title or subject.

The book I want is checked out. Can it be held for me when it comes back?

Yes. You may either place a hold on the book at the circulation desk, or click on the "Hold" button in QCat. Once you've done this, QCAT will prompt you for your name and the 7 digit number on the front of your picture ID.

How can I use the library's collection of electronic books?

The library provides two types of electronic books. We have links to hundreds of classic and historic titles in QCat that can be downloaded without restriction from their QCat records. We also subscribe to electronic reference books that can be found in QCat, or you can browse a selection of Electronic Reference Books using our graphical interface.

How can I use the library's research collection about the Great Hunger?

View more information about the collection and about the Great Hunger.

How can I check out a book?

If you are a currently enrolled student, you can check out a book for 28 days. Take it to the Circulation Desk, near the library entrance. To borrow a book, you must have your picture ID.

I have the citation to an article, but the library doesn't own the journal. What are my choices?

QCat contains a page of Links to Local Libraries that that will allow you to check the availability at nearby locations. If a local library does own the journal, in most cases, you may go there and use it. Also, you have the right to have the article sent from another library that owns it. To do this, you may fill out a form on the web. The normal time for this service is two weeks, and there is no charge.

Where are the copy machines?

There are two public copy machines in the building for student use. The first is located in the North side of the Rotunda - next to the restrooms. The second is on the second floor, next to the elevator. All of these machines are set to run using Q-Cards, although guest cards may be purchased at a vending machine next to the Rotunda copier. Also, a faculty copy machine is next to the student machine in the Reference/Periodicals area.

Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are on the first floor, just off the Rotunda. On the second floor, they are in the area underneath the dome, just outside of the elevator.

Where is the Periodical Archive?

The Periodical Archive is on the second floor of the Bernhard Library, past the end of the Circulating Book Stacks.

Where is the Juvenile Collection?

The Juvenile Collection is on the second floor of the Bernhard Library, on the North end (facing the tennis courts).

How can I open a second web session on the library's new computers?

All you need to do is press CONTROL N to duplicate your existing screen in a second session.

How can I access my Quinnipiac e-mail?

All you need to do is go to and log in.