Quinnipiac has connections with programs across the globe, including in Ireland, Nicaragua, Italy, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Spain, France, and more.

International experience is increasingly important in a globalized job market, where language ability and cultural understanding can mean, in many senses, a world of difference. Around the world, there are unique lifestyles and methods of learning and knowing different from the United States. Time abroad gives students an opportunity to get a flavor for or completely submerse themselves in new cultures. These experiences introduce students to new ways of looking at the world, their communities and themselves. While away from home, students acquire a new sense of independence and autonomy as they navigate another culture and their own identity.

Because the demands of each academic program at Quinnipiac are so varied, the Department for Cultural and Global Engagement is dedicated to connecting students with many different ways they can incorporate time abroad into their college experience. This might include studying abroad for an entire semester, or participating in a week-long service trip during the January term.

We invite you to explore and learn more about education abroad from the pages in this section and by contacting our staff.

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