Coming Home

In the beginning of the semester following your return, the OMGE will hold a Welcome Back dinner for all students who studied abroad in the previous term. This dinner will allow you to reconnect, discuss, and share your experienced abroad with other students and staff who have also gone abroad. Upon your return to the United States, the OMGE encourages you to be active about applying any lessons learned abroad to life at home. Always be aware that it is never a matter of which lifestyle is "superior," but merely the recognition that lifestyles are different and the inclusion of new ways of thinking into your life.

Be willing to talk about your experiences! Don't let your time abroad just be an enclosed time of your life. Integrate it into the rest of your lifestyle, and try to engage people here just as you did there. Take this opportunity to learn more about your home culture and your home life from the perspective of someone who has lived and learned elsewhere.

Study Abroad Alumni
QU students coming back from study abroad may be interested in becoming a Global Student Ambassador for the OMGE. Additionally, study abroad alumni are uniquely positioned to make use of any connections the OMGE or their school's Career Development Office may have to opportunities abroad.

QU students are not permitted to act as on-campus ambassadors, alumni, or in any representative sense for an external program affiliate. Students interested in working as a Global Student Ambassador are welcome to contact the OMGE and discuss how the position might allow them to convey the true significance of their international experience.

Digital Story Workshops
As part of a developing project by the OMGE, students who study abroad or have studied abroad in the past are being asked to develop Digital Stories: two-minute narrated videos about their life and times in another culture. The OMGE offers workshops to learn more about the process of making a Digital Story for students who are interested. These stories may be used in advertising, marketing, and informational ventures by the OMGE in the future, in order to demonstrate to prospective travelers the benefits and experiences of being abroad.

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