Program Costs

For semester-length programs, students will have to pay the following:

  • QU Full-time tuition
  • QU's cost to live in the Commons residence hall.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance fee
  • QU's Registration Fee

If a program's cost exceeds the sum of the above, the student is responsible for paying the difference to QU. Programs that have exceeded the sum in the past include, but are not limited to Semester-at-Sea and all pre-approved programs in Australia. 

For short-term programs, students will have to pay the following:

Non-QU Faculty-Led

  • Program costs directly to the affiliate organization
  • Emergency Medical Health Insurance directly to Quinnipiac

QU Faculty-led
A student will need to inquire with the faculty member directly on the cost of the program. Mandatory emergency medical health insurace will be incorporated in this program cost. Program cost will vary dependent upon faculty member and destination.

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