Global Student Ambassadors

Are you enthusiastic about your study abroad experience? Do you find yourself talking about it all the time? Do you remember all the questions you had as you were preparing to go abroad? Would you like to meet more international students and continue your global education? Do you want to stay connected to your study abroad experience?

The Global Student Ambassador Program gives previous study abroad students the opportunity to utilize their experiences and enthusiasm to help potential study abroad students, and to encourage education abroad and cultural awareness to the Quinnipiac community. The Office of Multicultural and Global Education (OMGE) is calling upon all returning study abroad students to apply to be Global Student Ambassadors (GSAs).

Who can apply to become a GSA?
Any student who has participated in a study abroad program who has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and who is currently not on disciplinary probation is welcome to apply. We are looking for study abroad alumni who have a deep appreciation of their international experience and want to continue cross-cultural learning by volunteering with international exchange students, other study abroad alumni, and prospective study abroad students.

What does a GSA do?
As a GSA, you have a very important role to play on campus and a very powerful message to share. You lived and studied in another country, you embarked on an amazing journey, and you experienced and learned so many things. There are no better advocates for study abroad than the returned students themselves. As GSAs you will be trained to share and encourage students to become global citizens by taking part in a life changing experience!

GSAs have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Make a time commitment of one hour/week in the Office of Multicultural and Global Education to meet with prospective study abroad students and provide them with guidance.
  • Meet with inbound international exchange students and assist OMGE staff during orientation week at the beginning of each semester
  • Be available for prospective study abroad students through e-mail and Facebook
  • Lead study abroad information sessions
  • Assist with the general marketing and various forms of media (radio, tv, newspaper)
  • Staff information tables at on-site events/fairs/orientations--this may require some weekend commitments
  • Assist with pre-departure/reentry sessions
  • Present study abroad information to QU 101/201 classes

What are the benefits of serving as a GSA?

  • Develop campus and professional "network" connections for your professional future
  • Cross-cultural experiential learning
  • Personal skills such as leadership, public relations, and interpersonal communication will be enhanced
  • Gain a wealth of practical and volunteer experience for your resume
  • Build up references and letters of recommendation
  • Gain personal and professional growth through participation in the program
  • Certificate of completion

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