Humanitarian + Research Experiences

Traveling to Central America and the Caribbean, our students have built schools in rural communities, assisted in women's empowerment programs, provided therapeutic interventions for special needs patients, and worked with small businesses, among other things.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Political science trips: Previous trips have introduced students to topics such as revolution, reconciliation and political economy. Some trips have also allowed students to engage in field research. These trips are available for all years and majors.
  • Undergraduate business trips: School of Business students in sophomore year and up have the ability to take a fall semester course with a travel component to Nicaragua during winter break. The travel component lasts ten days and will allow students an opportunity to learn hands on about micro-lending, business planning, marketing strategies and accounting.
  • Alternative Spring Break: This nine day experience is open to all years and all majors. This trip provides students with the opportunity to engage in service-learning that builds on previous projects that the Albert Schweitzer Institute has engaged in over the past ten years. Prior projects have included school building, gardening, irrigation systems, and environmental projects such as clearing brush in a mangrove reserve and repairing a local zoo. 

Graduate Programs

  • Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy: Occupational therapy students in their fourth or fifth years are eligible to travel to Nicaragua during the winter break to perform service learning. Physical therapy students are eligible for a service learning trip to Nicaragua in the winter break of their fifth and sixth years. Students conduct home visits and follow up with past families and work in an elderly live-in facility.
  • MBA Program: MBA students have the opportunity to also work alongside small business owners as they learn about micro-lending in developing countries. The MBA and undergraduate business students travel together during this J-Term program.

*Please note that all programs are subject to change and availability. This list is not exhaustive.

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