Short-Term Programs

Short-term programs last anywhere from three weeks to the length of the summer break, and present themselves as appealing alternatives for students who cannot or do not intend to study abroad for an entire semester.

QU Faculty-led Programs
Members of Quinnipiac University's teaching staff may take it upon themselves to lead short-term education trips to parts of the world, as teaching aides for their courses. These courses vary by year, term, and class. For more information on faculty-led programs, please contact the Office of Multicultural and Global Education.

Non-QU Faculty-led
Quinnipiac University is affiliated with many international programs that specialize in allowing students to study abroad. Students at Quinnipiac have the ability to access programs in several countries. The University has a network of affiliate organizations that host short-term programs. More information on these programs is available through the Study Abroad Portal.

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