Spring Term at UCC

The spring term is favored by students in occupational therapy, physical therapy and nursing. This term at UCC aligns closely with the classes that students in these fields would take at QU. Since QU maintains a direct relationship with UCC, OT, PT, and nursing students are able to study abroad at UCC in the spring semester of their sophomore year. However, all students are eligible to study abroad in the spring at UCC, not just OT, PT, and nursing.

Spring semester students depart in early January. There is a possibility, depending on how the UCC academic calendar falls, that the group will depart on Jan. 1 or earlier. Spring semester classes usually begin the first week in January and go until June 1. Spring semester students have approximately one month off to study for exams and to travel.

The spring term operates under a lottery system with a maximum cap of 70 students traveling to UCC. Students interested in traveling to UCC are encouraged to examine the fall term options, as they are less stringent.

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