students at rocky top
Challenging, inspiring, solidly grounded in the liberal arts--Quinnipiac's undergraduate majors span academic subjects from accounting to Spanish. And yet students in all of our majors share a number of experiences.

One is the University curriculum--our core general education requirements for all students. Its focus is community, and it involves three seminars focusing on the individual's role in local, national and global communities.

Another quintessential Quinnipiac experience: truly great teaching-in small classes, by professors who love their subjects and enjoy their students. While you're here, you may choose to collaborate with faculty members or do original research under faculty supervision.

At Quinnipiac, we know that career development is essential to success. That's why we encourage and support students who seek out internships to explore career interests. Our new Quinnipiac in Los Angeles program allows students to spend a summer or a semester working and taking classes in the unique environment of the West Coast. 

Throughout your time here, you'll have access to a range of courses that will grow your intellect and helpful services that will facilitate your growth and your future.

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