What Our Students Say

students talk with president lahey

Our students are passionate about the University Honors Program.

Patrick McAssey '16 says, "The University Honors Program is by far my favorite part of Quinnipiac. By moving in early and living in honors housing we were able to build a community before first semester even started; the social events every semester allowed me the opportunity to strengthen these community ties. I also like the academic aspect of the program just as much as the social aspect. The professors for my honors classes are my favorite professors I've had thus far."

Lauren Miterko '15 says, "I have found my niche here at Quinnipiac University because I am involved in the Honors Program. The community that the program builds and the everlasting friendships that the program creates have made me more committed and more at home. I cannot imagine my college experience without it! The intellectually stimulating conversations and the close-knit community feel amidst the mix of personalities has both bettered me as a student and as an individual."

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