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Schweitzer Institute Top Resources:

Title: Academic Service Learning- Faculty Development Manual
Author/ Publisher: Kathleen Stacey, Dale L. Rice, and Georgea Langer, published by Eastern Michigan University Office of Academic Service Learning
Summary: An instruction guide for professors on how and why to adapt service learning into class curriculum. Includes discussion of issues raised by service learning

Title: Service Matters
Author/ Publisher: Campus Compact
Summary: A reference guide for how universities and colleges across the country can and do, conduct community service and learning. Contains trends, statistics, service resources and information on project types, issue areas and enhancing existing service learning programs.

Title: The Self-help Directory: A guide to Connecticut and National Groups
Author/ Publisher: Connecticut Self-help network
Volume: -
Date/Number: 1998/1999
Summary: A contact directory of self and group help groups based in Connecticut or nationally. Contains contact sections for campus groups and Youth/Students plus info about how to start one of these groups in your area.

Bernhard Library Top Resources:

Title: Combining Service and Learning in Higher Education: Evaluation of the
Learn and Serve America Higher Education Program
Author: Community Service Society of New York
Summary: An E-book (meaning its available in document files on the library net) evaluating the Learn and Save America Higher Education Program, detailing its accomplishments, effects on students, community and education, conceptual framework and process plus recommendations for other SL programs.

Title: Community Service as Values Education
Author: multiple, published by Jossey-Bass, 1990
Summary: A compendium of several in-depth articles including: Promoting values development through community service; Beyond curricula: helping students construct knowledge through teaching and research; The integration of service learning into leadership and campus activities; Service learning in the residence halls: a fertile ground for student development; From isolation to commitment: the roles of the community in values education; Joining campus and community through service learning; Transforming the university through service learning.

Title: Enriching the Curriculum Through Service Learning
Author: Carol W. Kinsley and Kate McPherson
Summary: Chapters include: Literature in language arts: quilting lessons in the school curriculum; Inclusion and community service learning: a partnership; Social studies moves into the community; Creating a school and community culture to sustain service learning; Service learning honors cultural; Students take the lead in AIDS education; Schools and business benefit mutually through service learning; Reflection as a tool for turning service experiences into learning experiences Includes resource guide on Standards of quality for school-based service learning.

Title: Integrating Service Learning and Multicultural Education into Colleges and Universities
Author: Carolyn R. O’Grady
Summary: An E-book available through the library’s network discussing the possibilities and potential of Service Learning on having a positive effect on the community at large.

Title: Service Learning in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices
Author: Barbara Jacoby
Summary: Foundations and principles of service learning. Service-learning in today's higher education; Principles of good practice in service learning; enhancing student learning and development through service-learning; Developing campus-community relationships; Designing spectrum of service-learning experiences. One-time and short-term service-learning experiences; Ongoing co-curricular service-learning; Service-learning in the curriculum; Integrating service-learning experiences into post-college choices; Organizational, administrative, and policy issues – Starting a service-learning program; Administering successful service-learning programs; Issues related to integrating service-learning into the curriculum; Institutionalizing service-learning; securing the future of service-learning in higher education: a mandate for action.

More Resources Available including resources for specialized fields of service (nursing, crime, business, public relations, etc.)

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