Student Keys to Success

Enroll in a class designated as service learning (SL) and talk to your professor. When thinking about committing to a service learning course, consider these key points:

  • What are the deadlines?
  • How many hours of service are required? Where/when are they required? Will this cause any obvious conflicts?
  • What else is involved (journals, class presentations, class discussions, reading assignments, etc.)?
  • Which agencies are approved for service projects in this course? (Your service experience must be related to your class.)

Choose a Site
Choose a location from the list of approved service learning opportunities (unless a site is already chosen by your faculty member).*

  • Review the list of service learning sites given to you in class. Carefully read all the information about agencies you are interested in – including "minimum requirements" and "hours needed."

(*You must choose a site from the Quinnipiac University list of "approved sites." Students are strongly discouraged from choosing their own service learning sites. However, if you find your own SL site, it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved, in advance, by your instructor)

During the Course
Show up at your scheduled times, and communicate regularly with your supervisor and your instructor.

  • Keep track of your hours. You must complete the required number of hours by the deadline (as defined by your instructor) to be eligible for service learning credit.
  • Have your site supervisor complete the "Agency Evaluation of Student" (if your instructor requires it). Make certain this is turned in to your instructor on time.

Be Proactive

  • Waiting to the end of the term and then complaining about your placement is unacceptable!
  • Proactivity means taking charge of your own experience. You are responsible for making your experience meaningful, positive, and one that allows you to learn and grow.
  • If you are bored, feel like you aren’t doing something worthwhile, or are in any way dissatisfied, first talk to you supervisor openly and honestly to resolve the problem. Then, if necessary, make your instructor aware of the problem.
  • Feel free to call your instructor; however, 99 percent of the issues you might face can be solved by simply speaking with your supervisor.

Be Responsible and Committed
Service learning is NOT the same thing as "volunteerism." Treat your service learning assignment like a job.

  • The agency is counting on you, so don’t let them down!
    - Be prompt for your interview/orientation
    - Set up your service schedule and stick to it.
    - Missing scheduled time should be for illness or emergency only.
    - Proper planning should prevent academic coursework and assignments from being a reason for missing your service time.
    - Call your supervisor ahead of time if you can’t attend and arrange to make up the missed hours. Don't just "drop in."
  • "Gopher" jobs may be part of your service experience, and they are also a part of your contribution to the community agency. By showing initiative and some imagination there is a lot you can learn, even in tasks that seem like "grunt work."
  • As a service learning student you are representing yourself, your instructor, the reputation of Quinnipiac University, other students and the entire service learning program. Keep this in mind and do a great job!
  • If you drop the class or stop doing your service for any reason, please inform both the agency and the instructor.

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