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Undergraduate Academics

The Power of a Personal Education

You’re in the right place

We know your search for a university has taken you many places — and it's likely both exciting and confusing. Many schools appear similar, and it’s hard to differentiate and to know which one is the best fit for you. It's a uniquely personal decision. 

Here's how we stand out: Through innovative academics, an emphasis on the professions, and a unique model for experiential learning, we create extraordinarily well-prepared professionals who enjoy bold and exciting careers. We know this because our alumni report a 92.5% satisfaction rate, and the best companies in the world tell us how motivated and well-prepared our graduates are.

If you're ambitious, passionate and looking to make an impact — in your community, your profession and on the world — Quinnipiac is likely a great fit for you.

Programs at a Glance

Quinnipiac University's School of Engineering holds an internal open house for faculty and staff, as well as area Engineering contacts, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, at the Center for Communications & Engineering on the university's Mount Carmel Campus. (Autumn Driscoll / Quinnipiac University)

Engineered for success

Engineering students here have access to a number of high-performance, mechanical, and computer-aided workshops.

Programs at a Glance

A course of study that’s right for you

Do you picture yourself working in a hospital, at a television station, at an investment firm? In a career in sports journalism? As a teacher who changes lives? We’ve got a degree for that. We offer almost 100 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 6,300 courses across a wide range of disciplines. We offer part-time and online classes flexible enough to fit your individual circumstances. We offer accelerated tracks that take you from bachelor’s to master’s degrees in one continuous course of study, all aimed at one thing: to prepare you for the successful career you’re imagining and investing in.


Undergraduate Majors


Undergraduate Minors


Dual-Degree Programs

Accelerated and Dual-Degree Programs

Frank Compagnino

A world of prospects

Frank Compagnino '12 earned his undergraduate degree in finance.

A fast-track to a graduate degree

A professional education doesn’t stop with an undergraduate degree. We offer 16 accelerated and dual-degree programs designed to fast-track your career. Enter our 3+1 program and start your job search with an MBA at the same time your classmates are completing their bachelor’s degrees. Or, you can choose our 6-year master’s degree program for physician assistants, beginning as a freshman and knowing you’re already accepted into the master's component. Our accelerated-degree options bring you from undergraduate to grad school in one continuous program. You save significant money, you get out there to make money faster, and you make an impact sooner.


Undergraduate students cheer on men's ice hockey during the 2016 NCAA National Championship Game.

Student Experience

You’re in for one exhilarating ride

So much of learning happens outside the classroom. Here, amidst the opportunity-rich New England corridor between New York and Boston, you will become part of a community of 10,000 classmates and peers who will support you and inspire you. Many will broaden your perspective, and some will become your friends for life. You’ll have the chance to contribute in more than 140 student clubs and organizations. To volunteer in the community. To organize a conference. To compete in one of 21 NCAA Division I sports, pick up a new intramural sport or develop a lifelong hobby of cycling or yoga. 

Along the way you'll have countless opportunities to develop the soft skills that employers value highly: leadership, collaboration, empathy, ethical decision making and willingness to take risks. You will be stretched and challenged, and you will have fun. And the experience will become part of you for life.

BEKES, HUNGARY - AUGUST 5: Justine Tynan participates in an excavation on August 5, 2015 near Bekes, Hungary. (Photo by Arpad Kurucz/Getty Images Assignment for Quinnipiac University)

History comes alive

Justine Tynan ’16 participates in a six week excavation unearthing artifacts and conducting research at the Middle Bronze Age Cemetery and the settlement of Békés 103 in southeastern Hungary.

Study Abroad and International Opportunities

Your world, expanded

International experiences put your education onto a larger canvas. They provide perspective, teach confidence and self-reliance, and help create global awareness at a time when our economy’s challenges and opportunities have never been more global in nature.

Experience Ireland’s culture while attending University College Cork. Study international business in China. See, up close, the effects of climate change in an African country. Learn what social justice means in Guatemala. We give you the chance to explore the world and discover something about yourself in the process.

World-Sized Classroom
Scenes from Nicaragua

Redefining "worldly"

A Quinnipiac student paints an elementary school in the rural village of La Ceiba. Quinnipiac's annual, faculty-led trips to Nicaragua also have included legal conferences on human rights, meetings with local teachers and public health screenings for local residents.

Honors Program

Exceed even your high expectations

If you are looking to pique your intellectual curiosity and satisfy your desire for academic leadership, the Quinnipiac Honors Program offers something unique. The program will give you intellectually challenging coursework and purposefully designed experiences that will enhance your day-to-day college life while building a foundation for both personal and professional success.

We offer a well-established program to take advantage of the many cultural and learning opportunities offered across our campuses and in the region. We organize trips to performances and parks in New York City, the Connecticut Forum in Hartford, and galleries, collections and plays in Hamden, New Haven and the surrounding communities.

Our students share a passion for intellectual curiosity. As a member, you’ll be able to more deeply explore ideas, take advantage of opportunities for campus leadership, make time to think creatively, and engage fully with the university environment.

On Saturday afternoon, thirteen students from the Quinnipiac University Honors Program visited the Yale University Art Gallery as a part of The Other New Haven Program. Together with faculty, a small group of students explore the arts, and the diverse and varied culture of New Haven. Following their guided tour at the museum, the group sat at Atticus Bookstore and Café. 
CREDIT: Christopher Capozziello

Going beyond the campus

Quinnipiac University Honors Program students visited the Yale University Art Gallery as a part of The Greater New Haven Program. Together with faculty and senior administrators, small groups of students explore the diverse and varied culture, arts, and environment of New Haven to create an even more rich and vibrant educational experience.

Does this sound like you? If you are a first-year student, ranked high in your class and on the SATs and/or ACTs, or someone who is a bit outside of the mainstream, intellectually adventurous, or just downright curious about the world, we encourage you to apply (application link below) once you’ve been accepted to the university. Your admissions counselors are available to answer your questions.

Service Learning

The Class of 2020 had their first taste of the opportunities before them at our Cultural and Global Engagement Dinner. While making new friends, more than a hundred students learned about study abroad and learning service opportunities as well as leadership possibilities in our more than a dozen multicultural student organizations — and It was just the first step in their global journey. Paige Ashley Campbell at the Cultural & Global Engagement Welcome Dinner, August 28, 2016, Quinnipiac University. (Photo by John Hassett)

The first step in a global journey

Members of the Class of 2020 had their first taste of the opportunities that lay before them at the annual Cultural and Global Engagement dinner.

Get ahead while giving back

Here, you'll have the chance to apply what you’ve learned in a setting where it matters. Fit children with age-appropriate bike helmets. Offer free tax assistance to lower-income residents in New Haven. Provide counseling and health care education to underserved patients in low-income areas. Through these types of opportunities and more, you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of course concepts and community needs while developing the skills that will make you more effective as a working professional.

Study spaces with a great view

The Arnold Bernhard Library is a serene and comfortable place to study or work on team projects.

Campuses and Facilities

Three campuses purposefully built with you in mind

Attention to detail

Each facility on each of our campuses were carefully designed with our students in mind.

For 40 years, Quinnipiac has been working with a single architect to create a cohesive, village-like experience with the sole purpose of fostering connection and community. Our three campuses, spread over 600 scenic acres, are, by design, places that nurture and inspire the sharing of knowledge, that invite vibrant activity and quiet reflection. Every detail has been considered with your full experience as a student in mind.

Beyond first-rate libraries and dining and residential halls, our signature facilities include audiovisual recording studios that mirror those in industry; simulated health care settings; a Wall Street-standard financial technology center; and, for our engineering students, specialized workshops for thermodynamics and heat, hydraulics, advanced automation and rapid prototyping.

Our location, midway between New York City and Boston — in the middle of one of the world’s greatest concentrations of corporate headquarters, financial institutions and media organizations — expands our student experience in rich and challenging ways.

Our campuses
“Nature has given to us the seeds of knowledge, but not knowledge itself.”
Seneca: Epistulæ morales ad Lucilium, c. 63


Quinnipiac University Professor Ben Bogardus, left, talks with students during his class, Producing and Presenting the News, Tuesday, April 19, 2016 in the School of Communications on Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel Campus.  In this course students act as producers, news and sports reporters, writers, editors and anchors as they put on a live weekly newscast.

400 full-time faculty with a singular focus — your success

Our professors — accomplished scholars, former industry leaders — come to Quinnipiac because they love to teach. They measure their worth not by the number of their publications or graduate students they supervise, but by the individual successes of the students in their classrooms. Our 400 full-time faculty, complemented by hundreds of part-time professors, engage their students in a practice-focused education that balances theoretical and experiential learning. With an enviable student-to-faculty ratio of 16 to 1, you will be assured of close access and personal mentoring. It’s an exhilarating, powerful equation.

I’m staying active in the industry. It benefits my students. I can teach the real-world skills they need to report real news stories.
Ben Bogardus
Professor of Journalism


Full-time and Adjunct Faculty


Student to Faculty Ratio


You’re invited

Quinnipiac admissions counselor Matthew Tortora interviews prospective student Rose Fishbein, of Tenafly, N.J., and her mother Carla in the Echlin Center on Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel Campus Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. (Autumn Driscoll / Quinnipiac University)

Getting to know you

Quinnipiac admissions counselor Matthew Tortora interviews prospective student Rose Fishbein, of Tenafly, N.J., and her mother, Carla.

We're excited that you're here — and considering becoming a part of #BobcatNation. By this point, you are likely wondering what the profile is of our newest class and if Quinnipiac is a good fit for you. Our current class of 1,935 first-year students represents 31 states and 18 countries. About 55% of them are in the top quarter of their respective high school classes and 22% are in the top tenth.

Quinnipiac admissions counselors recognize that everybody is different — and we want to get to know you. And considering that the university you choose will become forever part of your personal identity, it's important that you make the right decision. This is where our admissions counselors come in. They are here to answer your questions and introduce you to deans, students and alumni to help you with your decision. It's a big one and we invite you to reach out to us to learn more.

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