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Course Registration Form

Course registration

Course registration is based on course availability and satisfying course pre-requisites. Enrollment limitations are strictly enforced. This online form will be processed during the dates for general registration. Late registration begins the first day of the semester and requires in-person registration.

Non-degree graduate students require course approval from the program director. Non-degree undergraduate students should submit approval from their home institution.

Office of the Registrar

Mount Carmel campus quad. Copyright Notice: Rich Gilligan @Hello Artists photographed in Spring 2016 for the new branding materials and new EDU website. Usage terms are: Marketing Collateral in perpetuity - e.g.-student guides, annual reports, flyers, brochures, public affairs, web/social media
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Mount Carmel Campus Quad

Students study and socialize on the scenic quad.

Complete the form

Complete the form

This form is for non-degree, non-matriculated students and part-time students to enroll in courses at Quinnipiac. If you are an enrolled student, please use Self Service. Please refer to the Financial Information page for costs. 

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