When we review applicants for admission, we look for a strong performance in a college preparatory curriculum (English, social studies, science, math, foreign language plus academic electives).

High School Courses
We look at your grade patterns from grades 9 - 11. Your junior year courses and grades are probably the most important as they are the most recent work you have completed at the time of your application. We also look at what you are taking in your senior year, and ask that you have your high school send us your first marking period grades. Students who are admitted are expected to continue with the same academic excellence through to graduation. Learn more about the college preparatory curriculum.

Test Score Policy, **NEW FOR 16-17**  Recommended for all, required for some...
While Quinnipiac is not completely 'test optional', we hope that you'll share your SAT and/or ACT scores with us. IF you are applying to the Schools of Health Sciences or Nursing, we require that you submit your official scores from the College Board or the ACT. For all other majors, we will not hold your file 'incomplete' if we don't receive scores - we will review your file for an admission decision as well as consideration for scholarships based on your overall academic work.  If we DO receive your scores, we'll automatically choose your highest critical reading and math scores (from the 'new' SAT) or the highest ACT composite score.


Official Test scores (writing component is not necessary) are required IF you are:

Applying for School of Health Sciences, all majors

Applying for School of Nursing

International Students (SAT, ACT or TOEFL or IELTS)


Athletes playing a Division I sport (as required by the NCAA)

Those interested in combining their BA major with the Master of Arts in Teaching as achieving a certain score can waive the PRAXIS exam.

Test scores are optional IF you are applying to the:

School of Business (they can be helpful if you wish to be considered for the 4 year BS/MBA

School of Communications (they can be helpful if you wish to be considered for the 4 year BA/MS)

School of Engineering and Computer Science

College of Arts and Sciences (they can be helpful if you wish to be considered for the 3+3 BA/BS/JD degree

Personal Essay
You can select any topic on the Common App or simply choose a topic for your 250 word (approximately) essay/personal statement and include it with your application.

A letter of recommendation from your guidance counselor (and perhaps a teacher) helps us understand your experiences in your high school setting.

If you have any questions about the admission process, please email the Office of Admissions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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