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The application is available online, using either the Common Application or the Quinnipiac application, and you can use either to apply to the Spring 2017 (semester starts Jan. 23, 2017) or the Fall 2017 (semester begins Aug. 28, 2017).

There are three paths to admission:

Rolling Admission (Regular Admission)

We encourage students to submit the application for admission (includes a personal statement or essay) early in the Fall of their senior year, and then request that their high school transcript, first marking period grades, and any official test scores (SAT and/or ACT) are sent to us. We begin reviewing files that are complete in early November, and start notifying students of their decision shortly thereafter. Students have until May 1 to confirm their intention to enroll by submitting the matriculation fee and the housing deposit. Learn more about admission requirements. and our policy on submitting the SAT/ACT scores.

Program deadlines- The application deadline is Nov. 15 for physical therapy (BS/DPT), entry-level master's physician assistant (six-year BS/MHS), and nursing. Applicants for these programs should provide a second choice major in case we are not able to offer you admission for your first choice. Please send all supporting materials as soon as they are available, including your first quarter grades.

Important Dates

Oct. 1 - FAFSA (Free application for Federal Student Aid) becomes available for those applying for Fall 2017, based on income year FY 2015.

Nov. 15 - Deadline for applications for physical therapy (BS/DPT), entry-level master's physician assistant (BS/MS), nursing programs for fall semester. Applications filed after this date will be reviewed as they become complete if space is available in those programs.

Feb. 1 - Recommended deadline to apply for the fall semester, applications received after this date will be considered on a space available basis. Applications may be filed before this date (this is encouraged).

March 1 - Applicants should file the FAFSA by March 1 for consideration for federal and Quinnipiac financial aid. Quinnipiac's FAFSA code is 001402. There is no separate application or form necessary in order to be considered for academic scholarships. The Admissions Office reviews all admitted students for scholarship qualifications and notifies students in their letter of acceptance. Learn more about the financial aid process.

May 1 - Matriculation fee and housing deposit are due for the Fall semester to confirm your place in the incoming class.

Early Decision (binding if admitted)

This option is designed for students applying as freshmen who have decided that Quinnipiac is their top choice school. You must submit the application indicating that you choose early decision by Nov. 1 and then request that we receive your high school transcript, letter of recommendation, first marking period grades and your SAT and/or ACT scores if they are being submitted. Learn more about our Admission Requirements and our test policy on submitting the SAT/ACT scores.

Applying Early Decision is binding if admitted, and you're asked to withdraw any applications you've made to other colleges.

Students interested in any major may choose to apply Early Decision. If, however, you are not offered admission for your first choice of major, the early decision will not be binding.

Important Dates

Nov. 1 - Early Decision application deadline. When you file your application, please indicate you are applying Early Decision and send all supporting materials as soon as possible, including first marking period grades. Completed files are reviewed beginning early November and students are notified shortly thereafter. Scholarship awards are noted on the letter of acceptance.

Dec. 1 - Deadline for Early Decision applicants to file the FAFSA (Oct. 1 is the first day that the FAFSA will be available) to be considered for federal financial aid based on FY 2015, Quinnipiac's FAFSA code is 001402. The Office of Financial Aid will notify you of any need based federal or Quinnipiac grants, eligibility for work study, and the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program.

Feb. 1 - Matriculation fee and housing deposit are due for accepted Early Decision applicants. Accepted students must also withdraw applications made to other colleges.

If the Early Decision student is admitted to a major other than their first choice of major, then their deposit due date is May 1 and the ED rules do not apply.

Apply for the Spring

Nov. 15 is the recommended deadline for applying for the Spring semester. We will accept applicants up to the beginning of the semester, which starts Jan. 23. Please know that the Office of Admissions is closed from Dec. 23 through Jan. 2.

Please have a final high school transcript showing proof of graduation sent to our office by Nov. 15.

Any attendance at a college or university, no matter how brief, must be documented and official college transcripts must be provided.


Contact the admissions office.

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