Verification is a process where we match up the information provided on your CSS Profile and FAFSA, with that of which you filed on your federal income tax returns. Approximately one-quarter of all financial aid applications undergo verification which can require you to complete an IRS data match, provide a copy of your federal tax transcript, complete a federal verification worksheet, provide signed copies of your current federal tax returns with all attachments and other documentation as requested. If you get a letter requesting this information, we ask that you provide it to us as quickly as possible so we may proceed with the processing of your file. A delay in the receipt of this information almost always translates to delays in the confirmation, processing and disbursing of your financial aid. As a result, late fees and holds may be placed on your account so it's important that you pay close attention to the correspondence you receive from our office to avoid any unnecessary snags.

As a part of our verification process, our office will regularly select new students who are receiving grant aid. We feel this is an important part of the financial aid process in order for us to establish an accurate "base" to build upon in subsequent years. Incoming students will begin to receive notifications of verification after they have left their matriculation deposit acknowledging their acceptance to the university.

And finally, if you are having difficulty in providing this information, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

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