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All counselors cover assigned portions of the entire state of Connecticut.

Joan Isaac Mohr

Joan Isaac Mohr, vice president for Admissions and Financial Aid, has 40 years of admissions experience (20 of those at Quinnipiac) and is pleased to work with such an excellent and experienced staff. Her interest in admissions began when she was a tour guide during her undergraduate days on Long Island. She's served on the executive board of the national association of college admission counselors and is a past president of the New York state affiliated association. She enjoys helping students and parents survive the admission process.

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Andrew J. Antone, director of international recruitment and admissions, travels, recruits, interviews and helps support our international students at Quinnipiac. With more than 15 years working with international students. He also reviews the files of U.S. citizens living abroad.

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Heidi Erickson

Heidi Erickson, senior associate director of admissions, is responsible for travel coverage in eastern Massachusetts. Heidi visits schools and students in areas east of Route 495, including the Boston vicinity and areas of Cape Cod. Heidi coordinates our on-campus events such as Open Houses, Admitted Student Days and counselor visits and is a recipient of the 2013 Quinnipiac Center for Excellence in Service to Students award.

Heidi continues to enjoy her 20+ years at Quinnipiac.

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Roger Goulet

Roger Goulet, manager of systems and research in admissions and financial aid, is responsible for all data processing functions in the office including information systems management, data import/export, data query and retrieval, and report generation.  He has more than 35 years of data processing experience and has been at Quinnipiac for 17 enjoyable years. When he's not crunching numbers and problem-solving, he enjoys bicycling, reading, and listening to blues and jazz.

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Louise Howe

Louise Howe, director of marketing communications for admissions, is a Quinnipiac alumna (BS '94, MBA '06) with 16+ years of experience in higher education marketing. She manages Internet, digital, social media and cross-platform marketing initiatives for admissions. In her spare time, Louise can be found kicking up her heels on the ballroom dance floor.

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Kanicka Ingram, senior associate director of admissions and director of multicultural recruitment, visits high schools in New York, particularly in New York City and the Bronx, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area. Kanicka is a busy mom of two.

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Carla Knowlton, director of admissions, is responsible for the "Ocean State" of Rhode Island, along with a portion of Connecticut travels and folder review. She coordinated our efforts to go paperless in 2009, as we began using document imaging to organize our now 21,000+ applications. Her son graduated from Quinnipiac in 2012.

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Paul Krsiak, associate director of admissions, is a 2007 and 2009 graduate of Quinnipiac. Paul came to Quinnipiac from Vermont, majored in management as an undergraduate and completed his MBA at Quinnipiac in health care management. Paul travels in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts and oversees the employment of our 70+ tour guides and student workers.

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Richard Kuchcicki, assistant director of admissions, is a 2008 and 2010 graduate of Quinnipiac. Rich came to Quinnipiac from Long Island and majored in health and science studies, then earned his master of science in organizational leadership online from the School of Business while serving as a graduate assistant in the admissions office. He presents at information sessions, conducts interviews and visits high schools in New York, Florida and Illinois.

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Elizabeth Ludovico, senior associate director of admissions, is a graduate of Quinnipiac. Liz travels in Massachusetts, the greater Baltimore area and Pennsylvania, reads primarily Pennsylvania applications, and attends college nights and Open Houses, as well as interviews students and hosts our Group Information Sessions.

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Tim O'Sullivan, assistant director of admissions, joined the admissions staff after working for the Office of Financial Aid for two years. Tim recruits in the state of New Jersey, representing Quinnipiac at college fairs and high school visits as well as overseeing the application review process for New Jersey applicants. Tim is also one of the admissions liaisons for athletics.

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Joanne Robertson, associate director of admissions, reviews all college transcripts with an eye toward the University Core Curriculum requirements. She then passes those evaluations on to the specific department for their final evaluation and coordinates the evaluation process for all transfer students. Joanne also teaches a section of QU101, the freshman seminar. You'll find her helpful comments on our blog.

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Bill Romano, senior associate director of admissions, can be found traveling in Maine, parts of California, Colorado, Texas and Ohio. He reviews files from a variety of "distant" states. Bill is a graduate of Quinnipiac, where he starred as a member of the Quinnipiac basketball team and then played professionally overseas. He's 6'9" so you'll definitely find him in a crowd. Bill is also one of the admissions liaisons for athletics.

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Michael Scaduto is originally from Rockville Centre Long Island and graduated from Quinnipiac in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in marketing and completed his master's in organizational leadership in 2014. While an undergraduate student, Mike spent much of his time giving tours as a student worker in the undergraduate admissions office. Mike now assists prospective students from Fairfield County, Conn., and Long Island. You may also meet him on one of the monthly Quinnipiac "chats."

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Mary Wargo, director of transfer and part-time admissions, visits community colleges in Connecticut and portions of New York State.  In addition to coordinating our transfer recruiting and reviewing applications, she visits high schools in the Troy/Albany/Queensbury area of New York State. Mary has more than 20 years of admissions and student services experience. Please view a list of the national fairs and transfer days that Mary and the other Quinnipiac admissions counselors will be covering during the upcoming travel season.

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And you may also meet or be interviewed by:


David Beaton

David Beaton is a part-time professional staff member and is also a full-time fireman. Previously, Dave spent more than 10 years working full time in admissions. He often speaks at Group Information Sessions, and attends college nights and Open Houses. He primarily reads applications from Massachusetts. Hopefully you'll never see him during his full-time job.

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Jeanne Liu

Jeanne Liu is a part-time professional staff member who formerly worked full time in the Office of Residence Life at Quinnipiac. She also teaches a section of QU 101, the freshman seminar course. Jeanne interviews students and reads primarily Connecticut applications, and represents Quinnipiac at college nights and participates in our Open House programs.

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Matthew Tortora graduated from Quinnipiac in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in business management and again in 2011 with a master's degree in organizational leadership. Students will see Matt either in an interview or at a local Connecticut college fair. Matt also teaches QU 101, a freshman seminar course and operates his families' property management business. Also, you might see his identical twin brother Mark around campus, as he coordinates our Study Abroad program. Matt is a proud dad to Lyla Ashley.

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