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You’ll like Quinnipiac’s students. They’re friendly and enthusiastic, which is one reason they collaborate so well with faculty. Friendship, leadership and mentorship flourish throughout our three campuses.

Here is some information about our Class of 2020, which will enroll in August 2016:

Total applicants: 23,456
Admitted: 69%
Enrolling freshmen: 1,935
Enrolling transfer students: 200

High school class rank
Top tenth of HS class: 22%
Top quarter of HS class: 55%
Top half of HS class: 90%

Average SAT of admitted freshmen
Critical reading: 550
Math: 568
Writing: 559

Geographic Distribution
Connecticut: 25%
Massachusetts: 19%
New York: 25%
New Jersey: 17%
ME, NH, VT, RI: 7%
MD, OH, PA, DC, DE, VA: 1.5%
AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IA, MI, MN, NV,  NC, OR, SC, TX, WA : 2.5%
International: 3%

American Indian: 0.3%
Black Non-Hispanic: 4.4%
Asian American/Pacific Islander: 3%
Hispanic: 9.3%
Caucasian: 75.5%
Multi-racial: 2.4%
Do not declare: 5.1%

Female: 60%
Male: 40%

Financial Assistance
82% of our enrolled students received Financial Aid in 2015-16
Family income:
Less than $50,000: 12%
Between $50,000 and $100,000: 19%
Between $100,000 and $150,000: 16%
More than $150,000 or have not applied for aid: 53%
We encourage all families who wish to be considered for financial aid to file the FAFSA and the CSS Profile to determine eligibility for grants, work study, loans and other assistance. More information.

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