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Here, you’ll be able to access a dynamic virtual experience with live interactive presentations and on-demand content about academics, career development and student life within the School of Engineering.

This is in addition to the university-wide content available during the Admitted Student Experience

Live Events

Live interactive Q&A events

We hosted live sessions throughout April and May to connect you with faculty and students across several of our majors. Sessions were archived and are available for viewing.

Past events

Admitted engineering students webinar and Q&A

On March 28, we hosted a live discussion to connect recently admitted members of #BobcatNation with faculty from the School of Engineering. Participants had the opportunity to hear from and ask questions directly to current students, faculty and administrators about academics, distinctions, internships, career development and student life. 

Justin Kile, PhD
Dean, School of Engineering

BS in Industrial Engineering
Admitted students met with and asked questions of industrial engineering professors and students. 

BA or BS in Computer Science and BS in Software Engineering programs
Faculty and current students discussed the computer science and software engineering programs and answered questions.

BS in Civil Engineering
Admitted students met with John Greenleaf, program director, and other civil engineering faculty and students about the civil engineering program.

BS in Mechanical Engineering
Admitted students were invited to ask questions about the mechanical engineering program.
April 14 access password: w3?7!1W^

Engineering career development
John Bau, director of career development for the School of Engineering, answered questions about jobs, internships and overall career planning resources available to Quinnipiac Engineering students in this live Zoom conference. 

Honors program
Professor Melissa A. Kaplan and current students hosted an interactive Q&A session for admitted students to learn about the Quinnipiac Honors Program.

Dual-Degree BA or BS/MS in Cybersecurity (4+1) program
Admitted students joined us for an overview of the 4+1 dual-degree MS in Cybersecurity program, in which students can obtain both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years or less.

5th Annual Projects Day
We showcased and celebrated our students’ achievements and shared their work through live Zoom sessions. Projects Day, a day designed to showcase and celebrate our students’ achievements. For our seniors, this day is the culmination of their journey from high school to a career as an engineering or computer science professional.

On-Demand Content

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Through an interdisciplinary approach that combines heavy collaboration, hands-on learning and cutting-edge facilities, we’ll teach you to be both expert and innovator, builder and technician, as well as creative thinker. We emphasize innovation, safety and sustainability in each of our programs. You’ll develop new ideas and find new ways to approach the world's challenges.

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Real-world learning

Quinnipiac's workshops and labs give you the equipment you need to explore various aspects of engineering.

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Why Quinnipiac?

Here are 5 reasons why students chose Quinnipiac University's School of Engineering.

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Grand Challenges

The School of Engineering curricula is officially recognized by the National Academy of Engineering’s “14 Grand Challenges for Engineering” facing global society in the 21st century.

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Transform passion into impact

Every student completes a Senior Design Project that incorporates real clients and problems, and simulates a project that they might encounter their first day on the job.

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School of Engineering

Justin Kile, PhD
Dean, School of Engineering

John Bau
Director of Career Development, School of Engineering

Jonathan D. Blake
Program Director and Professor of Software Engineering

Lynn K. Byers
Program Director and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Christian Duncan
Program Director and Professor of Computer Science

John E. Greenleaf
Program Director and Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Corey Kiassat
Associate Dean, School of Engineering

Emre Tokgoz
Program Director and Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering