Summer Financial Aid Options

Federal Direct Loan summer eligibility

For returning students who have not fully utilized their annual Federal Direct Loan offering during the fall and spring semesters of the current academic year, there may be the option to borrow the remaining amount of federal loan eligibility for summer tuition costs, provided the student will enroll for at least six summer credits, is meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, and is matriculated in a degree program.

Federal Pell Grant summer eligibility

Current Pell recipients may have summer Pell Grant eligibility, if enrolled for six or more summer credits.

Summer private loan borrowing options

Please refer to the educational lending website,, for information regarding borrowing for summer tuition costs. While the majority of private lenders require the student to be enrolled in six or more credits over the course of the summer, there are a limited number of lenders which do not have this same criteria. Each lender will provide specific information regarding summer borrowing requirements on their website.

Summer PLUS Loan borrowing options

The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is an option for parent borrowers, provided the student is enrolled in six or more summer credits and meets the federal eligibility requirements.