Off-Campus Policies and Expectations

Off-campus policies and expectations

Our community extends beyond our campuses — and as a Quinnipiac student, you serve as a representative of our Bobcat family at all times. To ensure the health and safety of our community, we are implementing specific off-campus policies and expectations.

Showing the care and compassion that has come to define the Quinnipiac community is even more important if you opt to live off campus — where you interact and engage with people from different ages, lifestyles and backgrounds. Your new neighbors might include families with children, individuals who work the second or third shift, senior citizens, renters like yourself, among others. Cooperation and respect are needed to ensure an enjoyable living experience for everyone. 

Why it matters

This academic year is different — and we need your help and compliance with new rules designed to protect our community.

Living off campus is different this year as COVID-19 has heightened health awareness and sensitivities. This means that living off campus comes with the important responsibilities to preserve the health and safety of yourself and your neighbors.

To remain together for the semester — in person and on our campuses — we must keep COVID contagion to an absolute minimum. This will only happen with your collaboration and adherence to strictly safe behaviors. It’s up to each of us to behave safely and to make sure we don’t inflict on others the consequences of careless or inconsiderate behavior.

Guidelines on off-campus gatherings

Because of the high stakes involved, Quinnipiac is imposing strict limits this fall on off-campus group gatherings: 

  • Outdoor gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of 16 people, while maintaining physical distancing and mask wearing.
  • Indoor gatherings will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people, while maintaining physical distancing and mask wearing.

Consequences for non-compliance

Quinnipiac Public Safety is working in collaboration with the Hamden Police Department to monitor off-campus gatherings and will take action if these rules are violated. If you are found responsible, the repercussions for exceeding the restrictions on group gatherings are as follows:

  • First offense results in a disciplinary probation, and you will be prohibited from participating in all on-ground classes and co-curricular activities for up to four weeks, as determined by the Student Conduct Office.
  • Second offense results in suspension from the university for the remainder of the fall semester, at a minimum, as determined by the Student Conduct Office.

There will be no refunds of tuition, room or board in the event of suspension or expulsion if these gathering and safety rules are violated. The following additional behaviors will be addressed by the Office of Student Conduct and may result in immediate conduct action up to, and including, separation from the university:

  • Hosting a gathering where alcohol is consumed by anyone under the age of 21, regardless of who provided the alcohol, as described in Connecticut law.
  • Hosting a gathering that results in public intoxication, noise complaints or other disorderly conduct.
  • Other violations of Quinnipiac University policies as provided in the Student Code of Conduct, Student Handbook or additional communications.

These policies may appear harsh and unprecedented, but we are living in unprecedented times. We ask that you join in the campus and community-wide efforts to keep us all safe. This semester’s success depends on your behavior and support — you can help keep us in session through Thanksgiving. 


Below are some resources to aid you in carrying out this responsibility:

  • Visit Connecticut’s COVID-19 Response and review the state’s latest guidance so you are aware of Connecticut’s  health and safety-related expectations and resources.
  • Review QU’s guidelines for a safe return to campus on Back to Bobcat Nation.
  • Familiarize yourself with QU’s Good Neighbor Policy.
  • Use QU’s Community Concerns Hotline to report off-campus gatherings or other concerning behaviors. Please contact 203-582-3770 or communityconcerns@qu.edu, and you will be connected to QU’s public safety office.
  • Sign the Quinnipiac Pact to acknowledge the impact our actions have on each other and to show your support for the role we each have in keeping our Quinnipiac community and our neighbors safe from the spread of COVID-19. Complete the COVID-19 training course, if you have not already done so.

We enter the 2020-21 academic year with shared responsibilities that will pave the way for a successful, on-ground semester, and for safe neighborhoods around us.

It is imperative that we all do our part to give the gift of safety and health to others.

Respecting the Community

Respecting the community — #BobcatStrong

Reports on the spread of COVID-19 infections are a source of stress and concern for many, but it is critical that we pause and reflect on how our words and reactions can affect others during this global health crisis. Now more than ever, it’s important for all members of the Quinnipiac community to treat one another with care and dignity.

Please consider the following:

  • Resist the tendency to make broad generalizations about people. Uncertainty about the coronavirus may lead to anxiety and fear. Harmful behaviors can occur when anxiety and fear are projected onto entire social groups. Such behavior is harmful to the well-being of targeted individuals and does not protect anyone from the coronavirus.
  • Treat community members with care and empathy. Try to walk in the shoes of others rather than treating someone with suspicion or implicit bias.
  • Be vigilant outside of work about social distancing and proper hygiene at locations you visit during non-work hours.
  • Continue to follow recommended health and safety guidelines as Connecticut re-opens for business.
Ending the Stigma