Annalisa Zinn

"People care not only about other members of the Quinnipiac community, but also about the wider local, national and global community."

Encourage success

"Quinnipiac is a place where innovation and creativity for the well-being and success of students is encouraged and supported. It is a place where challenges aren't feared, but are seen as opportunities to grow and excel. The ever-growing national prominence of Quinnipiac University is proof of that."

Work together

"The work of an administrator at Quinnipiac involves teaching, mentoring and working together with students on projects. This journey with the students has been so precious, especially because we are committed to offering the educational experience that best enables students to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams."

Advance your career

"I am so happy to be an alumna of Quinnipiac University. Through the MBA program in the School of Business, I have experienced first-hand the excellence of education at Quinnipiac. I use what I learned in the MBA program every day in my work and life. I am very grateful for the education benefits that facilitated this learning and career development experience."

Search now for your own opportunity to take the lead.


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